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Para Penulis Labs Jawarakonten

Awira Savitri
1 posts

Catatan Harian Seorang Frelance Writer, You Know My Name, Not My Story

Editorial Team
14 posts

LABS is a place where you can write and share story about anything and receive thoughtful, thorough feedback from Labs teams !!

Irvan Ulvatur Rohman
1 posts

Irvan Ulvatur Rohman, Mahasiswa Universitas Muhammadiyan Ponorogo

Pawening Esti Pramundi
1 posts

You can describe me as an ice cream. It's cold. But you know, ice cream is very sweet.

Ahmadus Subhan
1 posts

Seorang mahasiswa salah satu PTN di jawa tengah yang ingin memberikan opini tanpa batasan situasi. Seseorang yang terlihat 'abu' diantara hitam dan putih.